Clash Royale -a battle with kingdom


Clash Royale is an interesting online game in which you need to destroy the opponent king tower of the king. In this game there are two kingdoms. One is yours kingdom and other is opponent kingdom and you need to defect all the solders to achieve the kingdom.

There are thirteen level and eleven leagues and arena to complete this game and it is a multiplayer arena in which you need to play. You need to destroy the more tower than the opponent team. In this game there are many chest and rewards and they are totally different from each other.

In the game of clash Royale there are eight cards in the deck then the player need to select four card from it and then only you can able to play and it is used to attack the opponent team. If a card is placed and at the same time the new cad from the deck is obtained. After sometimes you can able to buy some germs from the online store with your real money.

Chest and rewards of clash Royale:

Germs are used to buy chest, cards and gold from the shop. In a multi player if you won the chest it will take some time to open it. There are totally seven chests in this game. They are very different from each other. There are silver, golden, giant, magical, epic, super magical and legendary chest. Each chest takes some time to get open.

  • Silver chest takes three hours to open
  • Golden chest is activated after eight hour
  • Giant, magical and epic chests take twelve hours to open
  • At the last super magical and legendary chest totally twenty four hours to open.

The above mentioned seven quests come under the reward chest. In free chest you can get two free chests after 4 hour and also every six hour can unlock the 2 free chests.

Crown chest can reset once a day and you need to get 10 crown to unlock this chest and if you have the ability then you can also attack the kings tower too by doing like this and you will get extra three crown. Germs are used to buy golds and chests from the shop and you can get it from free chest as well as in crown chest and then gold needs time to upgrade troops in the higher level. At the different level of chest different numbers and card and a condition of the player can hold a four chest card at a time. A player can have a chance to get a crown victory after twenty four hour.

Mechanism of clash Royale:

It is simple game but very interesting to play at the starting of the clash Royale trailer is given. It gives a clear idea about the game and this game can be played easily and in between of the game it will ask some money to play and to avoid it use clash royale gems hack to increase your next level.